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Automatic System
Prinsid Automatic Foundry Pouring System: quality and technology meet in an high-performance machine ranging from 150 to 1500 kg. For aluminium, cast iron and steel.

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Automatic casting machine PRINSID
The Prinsid Pouring Truck works on a couple of rail running parallel to the moulding line. The machine moves along the rails thanks to a gear rack.
The ladle on the truck is cantilevered, connected to the machine only by one side; this assure the maximum freedom of movement and minimum encumbrance.
The ladle, during the pouring phase, is lifted and moved automatically so that the spout appear motionless in the space.

Prinsid Pouring Machine

Machine moving axis
The Prinsid Pouring Machine has 4 axis of movement:
X axis - movement along the rails
Y axis – left/right movement of the ladle
Z axis – up/down movement of the ladle
W axis – ladle rotation

High precision of casting weight
The Prinsid machine, thanks to a performing weighing system and a predictive software installed on board, offer a high precision, in term of weight, during the casting phase.

Casting precision in testing phase with water

The pouring process
The pouring machine fills the moulds with variable speeds, in term ok kg/sec, set by the operator.
In particular, it's possible to begin the casting phase with high speed, to fill the mould basin and give the molten metal enough pressure in the moulds. The filling phase continues with constant speed and stops when the weighing system and the predictive software give the correct values.

Forming line connection and queue control
Prinsid Pouring Machines can be connected to the forming machine and the forming line to exchange data regarding the type of moulds that are going to be prepared.
The machine stores and saves the data regarding the moulds type and it's able to logically handle the queue of the moulds.

Queue control of the moulding line

Different solution for refilling / changing the ladle
The Prinsid Pouring Truck can:
- be coupled with a fast changing unit (revolver optional machine)
- go directly under the furnace to receive molten metal
- go to a proper position to receive molten metal from a traditional transport ladle.

Manual commands
Prinsid Pouring Truck offers the operator the possibility to be driven with manual commands from the cabin.
The controls, buttons and leverages are ergonomic and easy to use.



  The Company
The company was born in 1981 thanks to the expertise its founder gained in one of the most important Italian foundries. From its foundation on, P.C.M. has taken its place among the most important manufacturing industries as to equipments and machinery for foundry.
We supply our customers with technical advice, then we supply them with efficent installation and start-up for the machine. We supply them also with training sessions, so that the workers can learn how to use our machines.
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