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The importance of details
Our machines are equipped with a high-performing and easy to use software. The software manages the casting "formulas" and permit the operator to change the formula in ZERO seconds!

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The software on board
Prinsid Pouring Machine represent a step forward in casting thanks to a specifically engineered software, developed to improve the casting quality.
The software is very versatile and flexible, and it's very efficient and easy to use.

Casting formula choosable by the operator
Prinsid Pouring Machine offers the operator the possibility to choose HOW to cast in the moulds.
The operator, changing few parameters can, for example, chose a fast-at-the begining cast or a costant speed cast. The software interface is very fast and easy to use.

Code casting and casting formulas
Every type of mould is coded. This code correspond to a specific formula. The operator creates the different formulas in the machine (few seconds are needed!) and every formulas has different parameters such as: molten metal quantity, casting speed kg/sec, position of the ladle's spout, inoculation quantity ecc ecc..

Maximum versatility
It's possible to use with success the Prinsid Pouring Machine in intensive production of the same type of piece as well as in the small productions of different pieces, working in continuous with no waste of time.

Queue handling
The software of the machine, connected to the forming line, can make the queue handling logical process, to increase productivity.

Casting and working logs
At the end of a single pouring phase, the machine stores the data for future analysis and control.

Casting prediction software
The software installed on board of the machine, coupled with load cell systems, produce a very high precision of the machine in terms of casted weight.



  The Company
The company was born in 1981 thanks to the expertise its founder gained in one of the most important Italian foundries. From its foundation on, P.C.M. has taken its place among the most important manufacturing industries as to equipments and machinery for foundry.
We supply our customers with technical advice, then we supply them with efficent installation and start-up for the machine. We supply them also with training sessions, so that the workers can learn how to use our machines.
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