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Different needs
Our automatic casting machines can be couples with a wide range of accessories to meet the different needs of the customers.

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A wide range of accessories
The Prinsid Pouring Machine can be coupled with different accessories to improve the performances. The machine can be equipped with:

Example of empting and unloading on the revolver machine

- fast ladle exchanging unit (revolver)
- pyrometer or thermocamera
- inoculation system
- air conditioning in operator cabin
- ladle preheating system

Example of inoculation


  The Company
The company was born in 1981 thanks to the expertise its founder gained in one of the most important Italian foundries. From its foundation on, P.C.M. has taken its place among the most important manufacturing industries as to equipments and machinery for foundry.
We supply our customers with technical advice, then we supply them with efficent installation and start-up for the machine. We supply them also with training sessions, so that the workers can learn how to use our machines.
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